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Online Tutoring Service For Middle and High Schoolers

Empower Your Chinese Journey with tailored goals and plans

 Middle School Advanced Tutoring

Our online tutoring service provides comprehensive support for middle school students looking to excel in their Chinese language studies. We offer comprehensive test preparation for various Chinese proficiency tests, including HSK, HSK Speaking Test (HSKK), and Youth Chinese Test (YCT).


  • Homework Assistance

  • In-school Test Preparation

  • HSK Test Preparation (Levels I to VI)

  • Practical Materials


  • Experienced tutors

  • Tailored lessons

  • Exam-focused training

Our students YCT score record:Our 2nd-5th Graders who took the YCT Speaking Test in May 2023 has achieved a 80% average score. 

High School Tutoring

Prepare for the AP Chinese exam with our expert teachers who are authorized as AP Chinese Reader/Rater for Educational Testing Service (ETS) and our resources designed for high school students. Scholars will study the past AP tests with their tutor and also learn necessary grammar points and vocabulary words tailored for the AP Chinese test. Our teachers will review all the 6 units in the AP course framework with their students.


  • AP Chinese Exam Preparation


  • Advanced curriculum

  • Mock exams

  • College readiness

Our Students AP Scores:

Over 50 students have studied with our expert teacher Zheng Laoshi and passed the AP exam with an average score of 4.89 of 5.

Distance Learning

Continue your Chinese language journey, no matter where you are. Our distance learning program is ideal for students who have already built strong relationships with us but have moved away and want to maintain their Chinese language skills. 


  • Online Chinese Lessons

  • Interactive Learning to improve conversation skills

  • Remote learning resources and apps to improve reading and writing 


  • Flexible schedule

  • Stay connected to Chia Learning community 

  • Access from anywhere

  • Connection and in depth knowledge of students growth


  • One-on-One Tutoring:

    • 45 minutes: $90

    • 60 minutes: $120

  • Paired Tutoring (2 Students):

    • 60 minutes: $75 per student

  • Group Tutoring (3 Students):

    • 60 minutes: $65 per student

Contact us to schedule a test session followed by a tailored learning plan with specific goals for your child based on their learning needs and styles. 

Note that the online private tutoring is only available in the weekday mornings and some evenings for our teachers.

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