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Now we are inviting talented, qualified, and like-minded teachers to join our community!


Founding Faculty

Oct 7, 2022

Chia Chinese Learning is a new global platform bridging East and West, connecting families and teachers, and bringing to schools and children a Chinese language acquisition program with multicultural understanding. 

We believe that each child is like a chia seed, a superfood that can absorb up to 12 times its weight. Children absorb limitless language skills and cultural understanding through an immersive environment and content-based learning with meaningful cultural exposure. Using our methods, we are raising globally competitive superstars.

Our curriculum focuses on:

  • Chinese language mastery 

  • Multicultural understanding and appreciation  

  • Interdisciplinary and project-based learning

  • Experiential learning

  • Social-emotional learning

A Chia Chinese learner will be an independent thinker and a compassionate, open-minded, lifelong learner who wants to contribute to the world with their language and skills.

We are proud of our community which consists of a group of international children and their families who support us tremendously. As teachers, we feel connected not only to the children but also to their parents, who respect and strongly support our mission, philosophy, and teaching methods. We are proud to speak our minds and advocate what we think is best for the children. As a team, we lift up and learn from each other. We plan lessons and brainstorm together, observe and reflect on each other’s classes, and we keep an open mind to provide and receive honest feedback. We share the same mission and are dedicated to growing and bringing positive impacts to more children and families. 

Now we are inviting talented, qualified, and like-minded teachers to join our community! 

We are looking for teachers who will:

  • Build strong connections and trusting relationships with children and their families 

  • Approach children from a whole-child perspective and understand their age-appropriate developmental needs 

  • Be ready to commit at least 2 years to our children’s learning journey

  • Be dedicated to our fast-paced working environment and willing to grow this promising start-up with us

We would prefer you to have but not limited to:

  • A master's degree in Education, Psychology, Art, or Social Work 

  • Strong understanding and beliefs in Experiential Learning & Project Based Learning 

  • At least 3 years of teaching experience in classroom settings

  • At least 3 years of teaching experience in Chinese language and culture

Your learning opportunities (responsibilities) will be:

  • Participate in our lesson planning and team building meeting weekly

  • Deliver our after-school enrichment classes to private/public schools, private groups, and Sunday immersion long lessons in the DMV area. (Teaching hours are likely to be 3-6 pm on weekdays and Sunday mornings)

  • Observe, document, and reflect on children’s learning evidence and progress 

  • Verbal and written communication with families  

At Chia Chinese Learning, we truly care about our teachers’ growth in terms of career fulfillment, well-being, and financial incentives. Our community is a positive and rewarding working environment for you to learn and grow with us and our children & families. We offer a highly competitive hourly rate for your teaching hours. On top of that, we also offer bonuses based on the performance of the company to those who are committed to our mission. 

Please send your resume to our email: We will schedule you for a virtual interview, possibly an in-person interview, and onsite demo teaching for candidates who are the finalists.

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