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Private Group Lessons

Group of 5 of children age 5-12 

1 hour lesson Price: $45-$50*/child

The immersive Chinese group lesson offers a project-based learning approach where the learners explore all kinds of subjects and themes together, such as animals, food and dining, weather, maps, science experiments, arts & crafts, and more in an immersive Chinese environment. Occasionally, we will also organize field trips to Chinese restaurants, tea houses, grocery stores, museums, etc, to fully immerse ourselves in an authentic Chinese environment. 

The classes focus on basic comprehension, communication, and sound acquisition skills. Kids will also start to learn basic Chinese character handwriting.

As a part of our lesson routine, we always start with circle meeting greetings and basic conversations in Chinese. We will also check our daily Chinese calendar, learn popular Chinese songs, perform movements and plays, and enjoy Chinese stories to build a cultural context for Chinese immersion learning.  

The class is usually offered during afterschool time and on Sundays. Please contact to schedule your child's lesson! 

*The price will be based on the group size and the learning goals. 

2023-2024 Fall
Private group lesson Schedule


Our registration is opening now!

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IMF families

Let us help you raise the future global citizens

As part of the IMF education allowance, your children are eligible for a language tutoring reimbursement (75% of the cost of tutoring to a maximum of $1000 per academic year). 
If you are from an IMF family, feel free to contact us to apply for it.

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