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What we offer 

Chia Chinese Learning Program (CLP) provides group lessons for 4-6 children, such as Music & Play for children, and Experiential Learning for learners aged 4-12, as well as field trips and spring/summer camps. We also partner with schools to offer language lessons.
Chia Chinese Learning is inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach and Montessori philosophy, we strive to understand children’s developmental needs and cultivate their artistic senses. We also use project-based learning to teach science and math in an immersive Chinese environment.

We use interactive circle time to enjoy Chinese stories, music, movements, plays, stuffed animals, games, toys, and more.

The classes focus on basic comprehension, communication, and sound acquisition skills. Kids will also start to learn basic Chinese character handwriting.

The year 2023 summer will be fun and full of learning! Let's explore the Chinese language and culture, make new friends, and create beautiful memories together!

Bring our Chia Chinese language program into your school to immerse students in natural language learning and open their minds to a new culture and different side of the world. We are happy to tailor an approach that fits into your curriculum and studies planning.

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Chia's Learning Progression Map

With our immersive approaches, learning progresses vertically

  • Experiential Learning

  • Project-based Learning

  • Project Approach

  • Play-based Learning

  • Whole Child Approach

  • Social-Emotional Learning

Learning progress (1).gif
What we offer: Opening Hours

Dance class

Join the award-winning dance instructor Karry, Wang laoshi, to learn Asian dance from showcasing its various styles to discovering the cultural significance, which is influenced by the geography and traditions of different Asian countries.

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