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Chia 奇亚 

Each child is a chia seed full of possibilities that can bloom incredible flowers.

We believe that every child is like a chia seed, a superfood that can absorb up to 12 times its weight. Children absorb limitless language skills and cultural understanding through immersive environment and content-based learning with meaningful cultural exposures. Using our methods, we are raising globally competitive superstars.

If you add an "n" in the middle of the word Chia, you get China! The children learn and grow together in a Chinese learning community, preparing for a trip to China one day.

Chia Chinese Learning's mission is to support learners to confidently and culturally succeed in a multicultural, fast-changing environment through comprehensive Chinese language and culture learning.

Join Chia's Chinese class and explore the fabulous world of becoming a global citizen!

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A peek at our lessons


As a part of our lesson routine, we always start with circle meetings using greetings and basic conversation in Chinese. We also check our daily Chinese calendar, the weather, our feelings, any special days or holidays, learn popular Chinese songs, do movements and plays, and enjoy Chinese stories, all to provide a cultural context for Chinese immersion learning.

Parents Quotes

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"Cindy is a talented educator and is truly gifted with children.  Eleanor’s fluency is quite remarkable! I think she is a real asset and want to help her make connections to the broader community."


"She loves her teacher so much and I love how much she loves the Chinese culture and language. She feels sad every time when the class ends."


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"I truly have never seen someone with more joy and energy. Our kids LOVE her class."


"Cindy is energetic, thoughtful, and wonderful with kids. My kids adore her!"


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"Our family wholeheartedly endorses Minfang as a dedicated, compassionate, and insightful guide for children learning Chinese!"

- Lisa and Yen

"All of our children have been lucky enough to experience Zou lao shi as a teacher.  The creativity and joy Minfang puts into all her lessons have inspired their enthusiasm for the Chinese language and love of the culture. Her passion for teaching is evident in her commitment to her students, and the happiness she brings daily!”"

- Andy

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Building a learning community

It takes devoted educators, curious learners, and committed and supportive families to form a strong learning community.

Our mission at Chia Chinese Learning is to engage a Whole Child in a strong Learning Community. To achieve this mission, our teachers always begin by making connections with our students and their families. We design our lessons based on the understanding of each child's learning needs in order to inspire positive learning.

We also work hard on collaborating and connecting with the parents to strengthen our learners' growth academically and emotionally. 

Our first Families Get-Together is one of the examples of our commitment to building a strong Learning Community. Thank you to those who joined us and we look forward to more Get-Togethers in the future! 

Video credit: whereasy

Families Get Together 2022
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